Multi Glory USA Corporation

I would like to take this moment and express Multi Glory USA opinion of the JAM-N Logistics.  We have been working together for 2 years and we have been impressed with the level of attention, professionalism, and support at all levels of the JAM-N Logistics organization. Often times, one finds exceptional service at the front end to sell the services of a company to prospective customer. Later, that first impression turn into “all show and no go!” Our experience has shown that initial impression of an organization with a “Win, Win” and “Partnership” personality continued thru our relationship. Read More »

The highlights of JAM-N include your IT team lead by Mike Mallette. He has shown dedication to insuring our EDI set-up and integration were done timely and professionally.  His leadership and knowledge gave me confidence as he led my team thru numerous EDI third party suppliers that JAM-N was the right logistics partner.

JAM-N’s fulfillment team is another strength and valuable partner of Multi Glory. The difficult coordination of tight schedules from the receipt PO’s, scheduling pick-ips, proper documentation and meeting shipment schedules were flawlessly handled by the JAM-N team.

At first glance, one could say, this is expected from a logistics company.  Multi Glory USA is apart of an international organization ant it’s day-to-day operations are handled by our Shanghai based customer service team. Together, JAM-N and Multi Glory overcame many hurdles – including language differences, cultural differences, time zone differences, and Multi Glory being new to domestic shipments.  It has been my pleasure to see how JAM-N turned these hurdles into an opportunity to exceed our expectations and provide us unsurpassed, professional logistic services.

Thank you for providing us with timely, accurate, and reliable service.